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Upcoming competitions - 28th January @ ISTD Kettering - 4th February @ The Interschool Funday - 10th-11th February @ All England Grand Prix - 11th February @ UKA Pupil Event - 18th February @ IDTA Supremes - 24th February @ IVDC Finals - 25th February @ Supadance NW

Ready To Wear Crystal AB Hair Accessories

Something on the go? our variety of beautiful ready to wear hair accessories will sparkle away your jazzy moves as well as keeping your hair fixed as you sway across the dance floor. It can be a devious ballroom piece, or maybe a little salsa sparkle, we have got you! A range of colours, crystals and designs are ready to be sold, its on you to find the perfect compliment to your outfit.

Sorry, there are no products here.